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LV/HV Electrical Devices Design and Drawings Services

CAD Drafting Services has providing LV/HV electrical devices services since 2007 and has developed a strong background in all facets of worldwide electrical projects. Our experience electrical engineers are working with outsourcing electrical services in the area of installing, operation and maintenance of LV, HV devices also having experience of many years from testing devices in the area of transmission system and distribution companies in the energetic system.

Our key responsibilities include:

  • Liaison with multi-disciplinary design team
  • Producing reports, specifications and drawings covering a power element of project requirements
  • Undertake the concept studies, outline designs and detailed designs for power projects
  • Producing technical reports
  • Interfacing with other utility engineers
  • Providing technical support
  • Preparation of general arrangement drawings
  • Maintaining internal quality procedures
  • Supporting existing power engineers

Our values:

  • bringing imagination to all we do
  • delivering on our commitments
  • advancing our skills and experience
  • enjoying what we do

Our conduct:

  • Act with integrity
  • Be open and honest
  • Respect the dignity of others
  • Share knowledge freely

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Electrical Drafting Services  Electrical Drafting Services  Electrical Drafting Services
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